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In response to Ms. Ellaganda’s post addressed to opiniononissues

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This is my reply to Ellaganda’s post in her site addressed to opiniononissues.

I sent my reply this morning but apparently she still hasn’t approved it. I checked it just now and 2 new comments from other post readers have already been approved.

Crossing fingers she will, still.

In case she doesn’t though, I’ll post my reply here and include a screen cap of her original post as well.

Screencap of Ella’s Original Post:

Screen Cap of Ella's original post at Ellaganda.com

To Ms. Ellaganda:

May I quote you on this:

I’m not sure what to call you, isang netizen na kulang sa pansin o mahilig lang makisawsaw. Ikinakalat mo kung saan-saang sites ang template ng rumor mongering mo, na feeling mo ay mga “bomba”. Mga “well researched revelations” na ikagugulat ng mundo.

I’m not sure what to call you, isang netizen na kulang sa pansin o mahilig lang makisawsaw. Ikinakalat mo kung saan-saang sites ang template ng rumor mongering mo, na feeling mo ay mga “bomba”. Mga “well researched revelations” na ikagugulat ng mundo.

Screech… Brake… Have I used the same words to describe the way you handled your DSWD “expose”?

Are other people not allowed to be concerned about this issue as well? Do we have to be “kulang sa pansin” o “nakikisawsaw” or inciting “rumor mongering” just because we are concerned about how the discussions on the matter are inadvertently veering away from the issue of responsible blogging and is being focused instead on a Government official vs. blogger slant?

If you but notice, I only presented quotes from your own site and links. Are we not even allowed to do some research on any issue we’re concerned about before we form our own take on the issue?

Had you done your own research before casting aspersions against me, you will notice that I have consistently stated in some sites that whatever the results of your case may be, it’s up for the courts to decide. If you win, you win. If you don’t Cabral wins. It’s between you, Cabral and the courts. I did not post my take on the issue because of you. This whole DSWD-blogger issue is no longer just about you.

What I am but concerned about is the furor this is creating online and in the media. Having read the posts online, there were allusions to govt. official vs. blogging world scenario, government vs. freedom of speech scenario, Ella’s case representing the blogging world’s sentiments scenario…. That, my dear, is what I am concerned about.

Some solons and the media have already dipped their fingers on this matter and it would be but fair that if they deliberate on it, people like me who are concerned about its effects on the shaping of Cyber Laws, would at least be well-informed.

It would help if we have a balanced view of the whole spectrum. It would help that before we assume Sec. Cabral is using her office to harass a blogger thru the media and thru NBI(as is the running sentiment on some blogs), we should at least be aware of the type of access you both have to the avenues she has taken.

There are still a good number of net people, including me, who care about responsible blogging, responsible net guidelines and how they’re gonna be defined in our Cyber Laws in the making.

If people say this case is gonna affect freedom of speech and freedom of expression, I hope it would be for the better, leading to responsible freedom of speech, responsible freedom of expression. Founded on details, founded on facts…

You said:

Hindi lang sa isang site, lahat ng madaanan mong “kampi” kay ella, iniiwan mo ang basura mo.


My. Check where your foot is going, miss.

If you do a little bit of research, these blogs are the ones that allow easy posting and they are the blogs that have commentaries on this particular issue.

If you also google the topic, you will realize that they are the sites coming up.

I post in the sites I visit. I post in the sites who are as concerned about this issue as I am.

I didn’t even know they were “kampi” kay ella.

Nowhere in my posts on their sites did I accuse them of that.

Are you saying they are?

I sure hope it’s not true. I sure hope they are “kampi sa katotohanan” rather than “kampi kaninuman”.

I hope that the very reason they permitted the posting of such researched links is because they also are after balanced views as some other bloggers are.

You said:

Normally, I would ignore a “rotting”, old school black propaganda like this pero idinamay mo ang PCIJ, a well-respected, two-decade-old institution of professional investigative journalists sa basurang ikinakalat mo. Because they dared speak the truth!


Old school black propaganda?

When other people who do not agree with you ad infinitum speak their mind out, it’s black propaganda? When you say your piece, it’s “freedom of expression”?

Doesn’t this issue now involve everyone who will be affected by the cyber “freedom of expression” and “freedom of speech” the furor has spawned?

Can we not do our own research so we can weigh things and not just take your position or the other bloggers’ as our own?

Will it automatically be a “rotting”, old school black propaganda when people research and study the other avenues which will help them see the issue on a broader perspective?

And papanong idinamay ang PCIJ?


Can you check the post again and point out where there is any mention whatsoever of any negative contention against PCIJ?

Are you trying to push an opiniononissues vs. PCIJ slant?

You said:

Hindi na ito opinyon. You are imputing that the post in Daily PCIJ was a favor granted to one of its founders.

You amaze me with how you put malice into things you carelessly focus on, miss…

Care to point out where I actually ”imputed”that the post in Daily PCIJ was a favor granted to one of its founders.”?

Have I ever mentioned of any PCIJ post anywhere in my comment?

And what favor? Where in my post did I even mention or even refer to that?

You are putting words in my mouth.

Now as to founder

I did not use that word anywhere in my post. But to be fair, just in case you misconstrued my usage of “who started” (not who founded or founder), we’ll discuss your contention.

You went as far as saying:

If you can prove that Beting Laygo Dolor is one of the founders of PCIJ, I will eat your panties in public in front of a hundred witnesses. But if you cannot, you will french kiss my dog in public, in front of a hundred witnesses.

Put up or shut up.

Please refer to my post. Note that I just listed a rundown of the media and journalism outlets that that name is connected to. I researched on the personalities behind the “expose” and their connections to such media/journalism outlets came up.

PCIJ just happened to appear in the search along with the other establishments. It’s not the only voice front mentioned.

Why are you zooming in on PCIJ alone? Why would you go as far as inventing supposed accusations against it nowhere visible in my post?

Miss, here’s my post and I quote:

The Beting Laygo Dolor :

Of Philippine News Online:


who started PCIJ (Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism ) alongside Sheila Coronel, Malou Mangahas, Lorna Kalaw-Tirol, Howie Severino and David Celdran.


Editor- of:

1. Bandera

2. Prime Asia and Pinoy Global Access


3. Playboy Philippines


4. Business World




Same Beting Laygo Dolor who released this:</p>


Donated goods sitting in DSWD warehouse

Published, October 23, 2009

… after Ella released this:


Aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo? (A special report from a volunteer)

Published, Oct 21st, 2009

Same Beting Laygo Dolor who co-wrote the articles appearing here:



…with the girl whose name appears here:


…and whose identity is confirmed here:


You see? There are a lot of media outlets listed there but since you zoomed in on PCIJ alone , ok, let me ask you:

Can you point out where I stated “that Beting Laygo Dolor is one of the founders of PCIJ”?




What I said was:

The Beting Laygo Dolor :


who started PCIJ (Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism ) alongside Sheila Coronel, Malou Mangahas, Lorna Kalaw-Tirol, Howie Severino and David Celdran.


Founder, the word you used, is defined by several dictionaries as:



One who establishes something or formulates the basis for something: the founder of a university; the founders of a new nation.


2: a person who founds or establishes some institution; “George Washington is the father of his country” [syn: founder, beginner, father]


Founded on the other hand, is defined as:


tr.v. found•ed, found•ing, founds

1. To establish or set up, especially with provision for continuing existence: The college was founded in 1872.


Really specific.

I did not use any of those words. Did I?

What I used instead was: started.

Start, in its various definitions translates to:

–verb (used with object)

8. to set moving, going, or acting; to set in operation: to start an automobile; to start a fire.

9. to establish or found: to start a new business.

10. to begin work on: to start a book.

11. to enable or help (someone) set out on a journey, a career, or the like: The record started the young singer on the road to stardom.

12. to cause or choose to be an entrant in a game or contest: He started his ace pitcher in the crucial game.



1. To commence; begin.

2. To set into motion, operation, or activity.

3. To introduce; originate.

4. Sports

a. To play in the initial lineup of (a game).

b. To put (a player) into the initial lineup of a game.

c. To enter (a participant) into a race or game.

5. To found; establish: start a business.


You see then, start can mean a lot of things, a few of which would be applicable to what was described by the author of the blog whose link I have included along with the quote.

If you haven’t read the content of the link yet, here it is:

Screen Cap of Preciousanne.blogspot.com where PCIJ was mentioned

Little did I know that this simple thought which entered my mind as a teenager has actually been institutionalized through a research paper written by Honorable Rigoberto D. Tiglao (“Office of the Presidential Chief of Staff” Office of the Republic of the Philippines President Web Site. 26 August 2006 ) during his Nieman Fellowship at the Harvard University. The proposal on the establishment of a center to “address the need for newspapers and broadcast agencies to go beyond day-to-day reportage” (Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism Online. 26 August 2006

)gave birth to the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ)in 1989 together with his colleagues who are all well-respected Filipino journalists. They are Sheila Coronel, Beting Laygo-Dolor, Malou Mangahas, Lorna Kalaw-Tirol, Howie Severino and David Celdran.

And btw, you said:

If you can prove that Beting Laygo Dolor is one of the founders of PCIJ, I will eat your panties in public…



Seems like jumping to conclusions has become arbitrary, huh?

You said:

Dahil hindi ako mahilig magdemanda, ganito na lang…


I’ve been reading other sites on this issue and I’ve noticed you seem to have a knack of saying these words to people who care to study this issue and whom you see as not agreeing with your views hook, line and sinker.

Miss, all the links stated herein are verifiable online and are out there for the public to see. Are you preventing me from pointing out that we all need to do some research before we cast aspersions on anyone? Or to be more apt, be responsible in how we present facts to the public and refrain from hurling stones at anyone?

People have minds of their own, they can think for themselves. I do not believe in imposing my opinions on them. The links indicated are but quotes from your own site and from sites scattered online which are relevant to the issue at hand.


Looking at her site now, I noticed some lines have been revised so I am including the screen cap of the revised entry as well.

Bottom part, Screen Cap of Ellaganda's revised post at Ellaganda.com

Top Part, Screen Cap of Ellaganda's Revised post at Ellaganda.com

Additional Update:

Again, Ellaganda has updated the abovementioned post. Here’s her latest additon:
Additional Update, Ella's revised post at ellaganda.com

This is getting funnier by the minute.

I guess you really find it impossible to believe that other people can be concerned too. Not if they do not share your views.

I did a research on an important issue and I tried to share this with people who are as equally concerned, with the notion that informed interpretations are borne out of weighing matters with as much available details or facts as possible.

That being said, I’ll leave you to your assumptions and suspicions. It seems like when you’re dead set on something, not grace nor humility can veer you away from the track you want to take.

I’m already overwhelmed by the inanity. This is getting to be too off-tangent for me.


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Thu, 11 Feb 2010 08:36:51 +0000 at 8:36 am

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