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From Ella:

O huling pagpansin. O huling pagbibigay ng atensyon. Huli na ito, opiniononissues. There are more worthy bloggers and commenters out there to quote in this blog.

…But you will still kiss my dog


You dared and I quote:

If you can prove that Beting Laygo Dolor is one of the founders of PCIJ, I will eat your panties in public in front of a hundred witnesses. But if you cannot, you will french kiss my dog in public, in front of a hundred witnesses.

Put up or shut up.

I already answered your baseless claim but I’ll sum it up again (you can just refer to my original reply so you can see the didactic version of it).

I do not have to prove something I never even claimed. Your accusation is baseless on these grounds:

1. I did NOT refer to BLD as one of the founders. Check my post.

2. You accused me of something I did not even do.

You claim:

Normally, I would ignore a “rotting”, old school black propaganda like this pero idinamay mo ang PCIJ, a well-respected, two-decade-old institution of professional investigative journalists sa basurang ikinakalat mo. Because they dared speak the truth!

Nowhere in my post did I say anything against PCIJ. I didn’t even have any links or quotes from any PCIJ articles.

Here’s a snippet of my previous answer to you.

Please refer to my post. Note that I just listed a rundown of the media and journalism outlets that that name is connected to. I researched on the personalities behind the “expose” and their connections to such media/journalism outlets came up.

PCIJ just happened to appear in the search along with the other establishments. It’s not the only voice front mentioned.

Why are you zooming in on PCIJ alone? Why would you go as far as inventing supposed accusations against it nowhere visible in my post?

3. In the same breath, you again accused me:

You are imputing that the post in Daily PCIJ was a favor granted to one of its founders.

Where in my post did I ever say that?.

Check if you can ever find such a claim.

I do not even understand where your accusations are coming from but definitely,  you can’t find any such statements in my post.

Having said that, do I not even deserve a simple sorry instead of you asserting: 

…But you will still kiss my dog

Mali ka na nga, baseless na nga yung pagdi-dare mo, tapos ako pa rin dapat susunod sa gusto mo sa dare na inimbento mo.

You really amuse me.

Anyway, thanks but no thanks. Not interested in kissing YOUR DOG.


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Sat, 13 Feb 2010 19:32:44 +0000 at 7:32 pm

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