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On “Huling Pagtingin” Comments…

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To Orlando:

Screencap of Orlando Comment at ellaganda.com, feb 13 1:35pm

 I believe it funny (haha, not strange) though that he/she “apologizes” to the unnamed one who “supposedly pays” him/her. For what misdeed, I have absolutely no idea. Seriously.


Your comment is well-received for indeed my initial reaction to the accusation was also that of hilarity. I have edited my draft before I posted it though so I may have erased a couple of lines here and there that may have compromised the fluidity of thought.

I initially drafted the message addressing it : To the invisible person who doesn’t exist: along with some other statements.

When i read the entire mock letter to the invisible person though it sounded a bit caustic. In the process of erasing lines and modifying some, the meaning may have been lost in the edits, thus the feedback:

For what misdeed, I have absolutely no idea.

Here’s to elucidate on my statement.

When I said:

…pero I think I owe it to you, nonexistent you may be, so I can clarify the answer to this accusation.
What I wanted to relay was:
1. To me (and i know the truth to this specific matter), the person doesn’t exist. There’s nobody paying me.

2. To the one accusing and to those who’ll believe her, the person is “real” though. 


I am sorry.

I am saying sorry to that person who will be blamed.

I know that no such payor exists but I understand that people may believe he or she does.

Whoever’s face may be placed in that nonexistent entity, that person will be real.

He or she will be affected.

He or she will be accused.

I am saying sorry that due to me being accused as “paid”, somebody will be thought of as paying me. If I am supposed to be paid, then the logic is, somebody’s supposed to be paying right?

The one who’ll be thought of as the payor doesn’t deserve the imputation.

I do not deserve the imputation, as well.

If MY POSTS made someone’s mind go on overdrive then I am apologizing in her stead to whoever’s thought of as the payor.

Never even thought that by merely posting somebody would already equate that with astroturfing.

:: my post -> interpreted as a paid PR job (astroturfing) by the one who suspects -> somebody is accused as a payor -> supposed payor’s painted in a bad light.

I indirectly adversely affected somebody without meaning to so I am saying I’m sorry.


To Ella:

Screencap of comment by Orlando at ellaganda.com,  Fabruary 13 1:25pm


Nowhere in the internet can you find the exact information on the “COMPLAINTS” against me. Specially in this blog. I think it’s useless to go on and on and on dropping his very looong opinion about it everywhere.

The sites and individuals on my left sidebar issued ONE post regarding their take on the libel case and that’s it. It’s their opinion. We can’t say anything more about the matter kasi nga wala ng ibang INFORMATION.


 There are a good number of blogs discussing not the complaints but the elements of libel present in your case. Some were able to see some points, some were not.

Researching on the definition of the case filed, the elements were posted along with quotes from your blog. Whatever different interpretations different people may have, it all boils down to what the courts will decide.

Those were but quotes and links all verifiable over the net. Yun lang yung mga detalye o information , walang conclusion, walang opinion.

May kanya-kanya din namang opinyon ang ibang tao so kanya-kanya na lang siguro ng style sa pag-weigh ng information.

And please, please lang, Mr or Ms Opiniononissues. What more do you want from this issue? Pigang-piga mo na siya nang husto eh.
Wala ho. Kung sana napansin nyo pagka-post nung mga napag-aralang detalye, wala na rin naman sanang post na iba.


Kaya lang di ka kasi tumitigil sa mga akusasyon mo sa kin so sa tingin ko naman, dapat ko ding liwanagin ang side ko.

May mga inilagay ka ding mga specific blogs kung saan tinutukoy mo ang mga posts ko so naglagay na rin lang ako dun ng explanation and link papunta dito.

Marami kang hinuhang mali, mga comments na lagpas-lagpasan naman ang atake, so siguro karapatan ko din at responsibilidad ko rin na iklaro yun.

Sa totoo lang, sobrang nakakapagod na rin talaga to.

Nagulat nga ako sa mga reaksyon mo’t itinakbo nito eh.

Kaya lang kailangan ko din kasing itama yung mga maling pag-aakala mo.

Ni sa hinagap di ko ma-imagine yung mga ibang pinagsasabi mo.

I’m trying to understand though. Baka mali lang ang pagkakaintindi.

That’s why I’m trying to explain.

Meron na pong assigned na fiscal who will decide if there’s probable cause. ‘Wag mo na siyang agawan ng trabaho.


Di ko balak and ni hindi ko inisip na ganito ang itatakbo nito. Andami namang nagpo-post tungkol sa isyung to. Bakit nga ba biglang ako yung tinutukan mo?


Written by issuesopinions

Sat, 13 Feb 2010 20:21:31 +0000 at 8:21 pm

2 Responses

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  1. My comment about your apologizing to a “non-entity” was, of course, meant in jest. And still in jest, the only personality I can think of who took on the “sins” of others was JC, and it’s tough to fill His shoes.

    I am from the Woodstock generation. Peace, bro.

    Orlando Roncesvalles

    Sat, 13 Feb 2010 21:32:53 +0000 at 9:32 pm

    • No worries, no offense taken.

      I agree, it’s really tough to fill His shoes. I can try following his footsteps with small, baby steps at a time though. Difficult, but I’ll try.

      I’ll stumble at times but that’s life, there’s always that option to stand up.

      On a different note, I just feel guilty about the one who’s gonna be blamed.

      Indirectly and unintentionally, because of the post, some people misinterpreted my purpose and now inadvertently thinks of a particular person who’s the supposed payor.

      I hope I was able to clarify the issue.

      Thanks for posting.


      Sat, 13 Feb 2010 22:25:36 +0000 at 10:25 pm

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