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Let’s clear the accusations once and for all…

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Here’s what I can do to allay your doubts and to clear my name and the name of that person you’re accusing as my payor:
1. If you really suspect I am being paid to post my ideas, if you really think I am an “astro-turfer” as you say I am, make a stand and tell me who the supposed payor is.

2. After you tell me who that person is, I will be willing to prove to you that never have I ever talked to that person about posting for him or for her for whatever reason.

3. After I prove to you that indeed nobody asked me to and I just posted and researched on this issue out of my own concern and volition, admit your malicious imputations and take back your accusations.

4. Clear the name of the person whom you think is my payor.

..and please, please stop thinking that just because some people hold a different view, they’re already plotting against you.

I hope we’ll be able to clear this once and for all since sobrang nakakapagod na. Ayoko na sanang sumagot pa kaya lang talagang pinipilit mo pa rin na tama yung maling accusation mo eh. I need to clear the issue kasi me dinadamay kang ibang tao.


Written by issuesopinions

Thu, 18 Feb 2010 09:34:45 +0000 at 9:34 am

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